The Story of our Heavy Lunch and Light Dinner.

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I went to Dumaguete yesterday because my new phone case arrived so I need to meet the seller. My cats are also running out of their food so I have to restock. Together with my boyfriend and his mom, we had our lunch at Three Little Pigs. They showcase their yummy boneless lechon (Filipino Favorite). They also served Kinilaw with Chicaron on top.

I only ate one bowl of rice (haha). I was wearing a crop top so it’s a very dangerous situation. You can choose your lechon to be spicy or non- spicy and to settle those fats, we had our 1 liter of Coke. When we went to Robinson, I dropped by at my favorite book store taking a selfie, I mean looking for a book. I’m so excited to start reading it and use the pink marker I also bought (what a genius). Lol!

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We had our dinner at the Hawaiian restaurant beside Moon Cafe yesterday. I decided to have a very light dinner since we will travel far in going back home. It would take an hour from Dumaguete so it’s better not to get full to have a comfortable travel.

I ordered a baby back ribs, pizza, buttered chicken and one pitcher of their watermelon lemonade.

I did not expect that their pizza could make you really full. There were 8 slices and I took four lol! Anyway, I loved the pizza and the watermelon lemonade. Jay also enjoyed his back ribs. It’s so funny not seeing him having some rice. He said, it’s the American Style.

One thing I loved on this restaurant is their ambience. It’s fronting the seashore so you will really feel romantic by just sitting on the rooftop. I mean, after you sit, don’t forget to order coz it’s gonna be awkward. Lol!

It’s on Sale Now! Hurry!

Here are some other part of the restaurant. This were on the first floor.

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I Felt Powerful after Reading The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene.

Some say that scrolling Tiktok for couple of hours is just a waste of time and effort. Some say it is just a crappy app that gives a lot of negativity and bad influence to the younger generations.

I am sorry but I guess it will just depend on what we are watching and how we use the app and most importantly how we look at the good side.

The past few weeks, I was really feeling down and I kept thinking what could have gone wrong not until I opened my Tiktok again.

I searched using the hashtag motivation and I have been prompted in my for you page all kinds of motivational videos and I was like Oops! this is not fun anymore. Lol!

After watching 5 motivational videos consistently, there’s this man in the next video with an eyeglass that looks scary for me. (Sorry Mr. Greene) He spoke slowly on that video that made me very intrigue to research him.

Okay, as fast as the lightning, I found his book online and decided to read it with my whole heart. (I’m not kidding. My day of reading this book is a game changer and PS this is the first ever book I read after graduating last 2012.)

Kudos to you Sir for writing this amazing book. Please don’t get old and keep sharing your amazing ideas to the world.

Some say that this is also a dangerous book for someone who will unjustly use it. If you also read the book, let me know in the comment below if what you think.

Here are some of the laws that wowed me:

Law #1- Never Outshined the master.
Law #5- So much depends on Reputation. Guard it with your life

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Law #9- Win through your actions, Never through Argument.
Law #13- When asking for help, appeal to people self-interest, Never to their Mercy or Gratitude.

These are just few of the amazing law in the book. It’s for you to find out the rest. (Don’t be Lazy Lovey)

This book helped me. It is very useful. This might help you as well.

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Have a Great Day Lovey! More Power to you and me.

Filipino Preparation for Christmas Season

Are you interested how Filipino prepared during Christmas Holidays? Well, this might be the right page for you.

As a Filipino, Let me show you an example on how we do it.

We have prepared these simple dishes yet famous and will never be gone on every Filipino’s table.

In case you want to know in details, here are the list:

  1. Ham
  2. Lumpia Shanghai
  3. Roasted Chicken
  4. Fried Chicken
  5. Pork Sweet and Sour

For the desserts we have:

  1. Spaghetti
  2. Cake
  3. Buko Pandan
  4. Fruit Salad

Now, Let me show our simple Christmas decoration. Jay’s mother really love to arrange and do some styling with her Christmas tree and lights. We’ll I think it really look good especially during night time. You can see the actual video in my latest vlog in my Youtube Channel. Just click this link

Also, our Christmas eve will not be completed without that complete family picture around the Christmas Tree or in front of the dining table. Funny right? Well, I guess that’s how it suppose to be. Lol!

Lastly, Filipino will almost not sleep the entire Christmas Eve. Most of the time, people will be singing together with their family, dancing and more on eating and eating. Ahmm.. the eating part is really based on my personal experience. Lol! This last thing though, I think, I will not be questioned because this is really happening that mostly, we will be waking up late in the 25th of December.

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Corona Virus in the Philippines (Dumaguete)

It went viral all through out the world the news about this nCov virus. People are already in a panic state. No more mask available in the stores. These are just few sample of what the world looks like.

Did you hear about the one victim confined from Dumaguete? Yes! That’s right. I am currently living here in Dumaguete, City and by the time that news came out, we are all scared.

People are scared to go outside and went to the malls. I wonder what happened to the hotel she went and other establishment. Also, I am thinking of the pedicab drivers she ride with. I just hope that everyone is fine and safe at this time.

Whoever is reading this right now I prayed for all of us and pray for the cure of all the victims.

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Discover Negros!

22641744_1696258470415617_931452015_o When I was a child I already have this loved towards our natural environment. Probably because the first house I grew up on was an urban area. We have no much neighbors and you will always hear those bamboos bumping each other. Very peaceful and you can smell a really fresh air.

So when I always have the opportunity to visit different places and localities I would be very happy to take a little walk on the area.

Some may find the content on this blog are boastful in such a way that I showed what I am doing on my leisure time but the reason I choose doing this is that I feel free communicating to others and I want to share the beauty that we offer in our country.

Writing something that you loved that never hurt other people for me is HEALTHY.

So last October 15 this year was the birthday of my boyfriend’s brother. They decided to celebrate it in one of the famous resort in Dumaguete. It’s called The Forest Camp! This captivating resort is located in Valencia, Negros Oriental and it is 11.5 kilometers away from the Provincial Capital of Dumaguete City based on my research.

Forest Camp
Arriving in The Forest Camp

Once we arrived in the venue I could hardly stopped myself from taking photos all over the place and filmed some spots there.

I know that most of the people in Dumaguete already visited the place or even re-visited which I cannot blamed you for that. Sparkling water on this place was irresistible.

Their entrance

To those who already knew the place well done my friend! To other people who haven’t gone there yet I am so excited for you guys.

There were many things that I loved about their resort.

-When they called it Forest it was evident on the place and it was worth it!

So much green going on up there      

Huge Flora 

Superb Cottage




-Children can also enjoy since there is a pool designed for them. There are variety of pools there from top to bottom. How the resort situated there was very amazing since it gave me the adventurous feeling because it was like you want to go on top of it to discover more stuff.

Their staff were also very friendly and helpful. Thank you Ate from the resto for letting me borrowed your scissor to cut the ” Sinugbang Baboy”.

It’s always nice when everyone are welcome on a specific destination.

The entrance fee was also affordable for everybody. The venue is huge that can accomodate numbers of person. They also offered horse back riding and zip lining to kick some butt adventure! The very popular bridge in the camp crossing the other side of some part of the resort was still alived and I definitely crossed it! Wohooh!


22643153_1696258810415583_308296323_o 22690264_1696258933748904_1822350388_o 22641985_1696258450415619_1294976060_o 22664047_1696258737082257_1124000221_o 22689789_1696258663748931_179590517_o 22664117_1696258510415613_1097212246_o 22643180_1696259403748857_1099421342_o22662371_702347686630207_1878072130_o 22643112_702347676630208_1137408910_o 22662322_702347513296891_1498039526_o  22662395_702347796630196_1701228602_o 22689754_1696258547082276_261778716_o 22641874_1696258827082248_424962186_o 22662360_1696258490415615_103819717_o 22643165_702347746630201_1571951627_o

Thank you The forest Camp for the wonderful experienced! Love to re-visit!

Thank you for reading and I hoped that this is something useful to you guys…

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Keep Safe!


PS: My first time crossing the bridge and I am so happy I did..



President Duterte Visit Dumaguete After my Payday

Where would I start? Ah okay so before that I just want you to know that whatever is the content of my blog this are all just my opinion and personal experiences throughout the day.

So last October 10th of this year I and my friends are all excited because it is the day that we will earned what we worked for. I would say that perhaps it was not just us but I think everybody were thrilled.

I loved this topic since it is very simple and relevant to the society. Aside from that most people are experiencing this but probably on a different cases. So few days ago I talked to several of my friends and asked them what would be the first thing they would do on their pay.

Well I am so blown out of their answers. Some are crazy but real!

  1. She would immediately get a stock of conditioner to maintain her beautiful hair.
  2. She will not go anywhere if she haven’t eaten yet Scooby’s “Humba”.
  3. Buy groceries for her mom.
  4. Always making sure that her saving’s account is solid.
  5. Just stay at home.

Crazy right?! So now it is my turn…

When it is payday before I will enjoy myself I make sure that my family enjoyed too. So sharing little of everything is not so bad for me. I am excited to share with you guys some photos that we took to support this.

I am doing this too after payday!

Robinson's Garden
Going with kenken for groceries

Robinson's Garden
Green Lover

Kenken who took some of my photo 

How to do groceries?
Checking what to take home. Sorry for the eye bags haven’t sleep yet

pretty basic

You bet I loved it too!

My lifetime favorite!

I know that you really want to know more about the President. Lol! So here’s what happened.

We are on Bais City when the President came and after hearing that he already arrived we immediately ride Ceres bus going back to Dumaguete. The travel took more than two hours since the traffic in Sibulan is real. There are many traffic enforcer and police right beside the highway.

Dumaguete’s traffic

I can really feel the tense huh..

When we passed near the airport I saw a helicopter leaving already and that broke my heart. So sad.

We took a pedicab going to the room I rent in the city and guess what the driver said! The president is still in Macias complex and haven’t started yet his speech…Holy! Holy! I cried for joy…

We hurriedly went to the complex wearing casual look when rain hits me hard on my face! Oh.Oh not good and it lasted for more than 20 minutes. It’s really not my day I can tell you that! Maybe next time?

I really wanted to cry but soon get over it after tasting the menu of this beautiful home in the city.

Cucumber Cooler

Hamburger Classic

Spaghetti Vongole

Finger Food
Cajun Chicken Fingers

Beautiful Chandeliers

always love art

interior design
Very Classic

food blogger
Look at that tummy! Yeah..

Before we got there we also tried to went upstairs at the Paseo Perdices but it seemed no place anymore but check out my not a model photos. Lol!

christmas tree
Feels like Christmas already!

Very tall. haha!

don’t be shy!

K bye Mr. Jay will see you now!

Before going home I never forget to take pictures in freedom park where all the magic happens. Oops.. Awful it rains again. People are running away.



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Fueled Again

After how many months of searching, studying and discovering a lot of information about blogging I finally stopped for now. The reason why I end it because I just realized how much time I’ve wasted so much.22279185_696654327199543_830144662_o

It is not just time but money as well. I’ve been through different online courses that is not free just to be mentored how to properly do blogging. Probably one of the reason why I stopped because getting a mentor takes months before you get the result which I understand. Aside from that being an ordinary person that value money from draining out would maybe do the same.

I am very thankful to all the person that I encountered online that gave me some advice and shared their ups and down. Social media right now is pretty intoxicated but there are still so many reasons out there why we respect it. Loving the dress

So now that I am back I will just do my best with all the stuffs that I learned from those courses even I did not finished all of it.Boho

It is my rest day right now and I was sleeping the entire day when I got home from work. It’s really funny that I am still wide awake this time in the middle of the night instead of celebrating my off.

Before I go to bed I just want to share with you some tip that I learned. In order for the things that you do to succeed you need to love it. Always be yourself. Do not copy anybody else because you will end up failing..

So Goodnight!


PS! I maybe obsessed with the dress right now to show appreciation with my love for taking the photos 🙂 22292104_696654313866211_1880711662_o22292317_696654323866210_977323700_o.jpg

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Godbless Everyone!

Random Shots!

Hi guys! Im so excited to share with you these photos that I took few days ago.. Hope you’re amazed! 

Tips for Healthy and Beautiful Skin

Who do not want to have a skin that looks so good these days? I guess there’s none right so I’m doing research for all of us!
In order to keep our skin young and fresh you need to have enough rest everyday.
We also need to drink plenty of clean water to give our body proper hydration. According to Khloe Kardashian she drinks more than 8 bottles of water a day and that gives her great skin and feeling.      One must have proper diet and needs to eat fruits that will provide nutrients on our skin.                                          …Here are some of my favorite fruits that are known to be good for our skin:




If one of these is not available in our local market then there are still so many options.                                          








We also need to exercise! You do not need to visit the gym since there are so many steps that we can do even when at home.
What I mean is just the basic exercise that you can do for 10-15 minutes everyday. There are lots of mobile application that you can download…                                                 
Hey! Quit smoking! Yes it is true since it will damage the collagen that gives strength or elasticity to our skin.                                                   
…So here is the best part I would like to share with you more ways!
You need to avoid long exposure from the heat of the sun.

When I go out I always make sure to put sunscreen on. Oh don’t worry there are so many affordable one like Vaseline.
 I also wear clothes that will protect my skin from the heat of the sun and dust that causes irritation on our skin.

…Now let me tell you other thing. I also make sure to always have my moisturizer for my face. I used iwhite aqua moisturizer and I am able to see the difference. You can also choose your own preferences.                                                                        …iwhite from my personal experience will give coolness on your face since it is water-based. So for those who are having oily type of skin this is best for you!

Oops! that’s not the end yet…
    …do not forget to shower everyday and pamper yourself with lotion that has UV protection so can have skin ready!
…Alright! So I hope this is a great reminder for all of us. Let me know if this helped you. Drop your goergous comments below! 

Bluer than Blue

How many of you tend to look up above the sky today? Well I realized today that it’s been quiet awhile that I haven’t recognized this beauty. I am doing a lot of things trying to find something unique special and everything else. I feel bad for myself. If we did not visit Uncle Nelson today in the cemetery I won’t be able to notice again such an incredible blessing for all of us. As I am watching it closely I said to myself this thing cannot be compared to any hi-technological gadget or device. We do not need to pay for it’s more than 3D’s effect. The color is just amazing and the clouds are just wonderland. I know I am over-reacting right now but it’s true most of us doesn’t care anymore to some important things that is already in front of us. Thank you for reading I feel much better now.😇